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National Publications

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Washington Post: How advocates can defeat Trump’s latest assault on asylum seekers (July 18, 2019) With Yael Schacher and S. Deborah Kang. [Link to PDF]

Washington Post: The shadowy network shaping Trump’s anti-immigration policies (September 27, 2018) [Link to PDF]

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The Hill: Trump doesn’t recognize foreign-born black and brown people as American. (January 31, 2018) [Link to PDF]

Washington Post: For 50 years, keeping families together has been central to U.S. immigration policy. Now Trump wants to tear them apart. (December 17, 2017) Read at Toronto Star.

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Washington Post: This program has saved thousands of lives. Now Trump is threatening to end it. (November 6, 2017) [Link to PDF]

Washington Post: The visa lottery wins America goodwill. Ending it is a mistake. (November 2, 2017) In Spanish: Error, acabar con la lotería de visas

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